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Connor's Place was invited to join St. Camillus Special Olympics at its annual ski trip at Windham Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation for its 2019 Medal Gala.  This was Connor's Place first time attending this gala and Connor's first time skiing & tubing, which he had such a fantastic time doing.   Connor is such a dare devil and he absolutely loved the speed going down the hill tubing.  

The following morning we drove up to the Windham Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation and Connor was so excited.  We strapped on his ski boots and his instructors lead the way.   The foundation was running on such a professional level and took great care of everything from the ski boot, ski's, helmet, and even the gloves.   I have to tip my hat to them on how they are so organized.  

The next step was heading to the ski slopes and from their the instructors took Connor and all the participants from St. Camillus Special Olympics and showed such care and love.  You could see the smiles and enjoyment on the everyone's faces as they were being taught how to ski.  This was Connor's first time and he listened to the instructors and was up and going in a matter of minutes.   He went down the bunny slopes a few times before he took a break.  

We all met up for lunch and St. Camillus Special Olympics provided wonderful sandwiches for everyone.  The conversations were great and we all go to know one another a lot better and share some laughs.   After lunch we all headed back to the bunny slopes for a second round.  At first Connor did not want to put the ski boots back on but with a bit of coaching from the instructors he put them back on and went for a few more rides down the bunny slopes.

The evening closed up the event with a wonderful dinner, some great conversation and the Medal Ceremony in which Connor was more than happy to help hand them out as the Athletes were called up.  All in all we have a great time and we thank St. Camillus Special Olympics for inviting us to join them for this event.



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