Our Mission

Connors Place is here to assist families of, and persons with Special Needs, with a main focus on Down Syndrome, by providing information and support.


Our Vision

Connor's Place wishes to promote a happy, healthy, accepting community which enables independence for people with Special Needs, with a particular focus on Down Syndrome, so that they may reach their potential at all stages of their life.



Connor's Place was founded in 2019 by a husband and wife (parents) who wanted to share information and network in order to support their child with Down syndrome. We have been working with families and organizations since 2010 when Connor was born. We initially experienced a glaring lack of guidance and basic support provided in the early days, and soon found out that this appeared to be the norm. This lack of support lead us to launch Connor's Place.  Currently, Connor's Place continues working with families, individuals, and organizations with an interest in the well-being of person/s with Special Needs, with a focus on Down syndrome.



Connor's Place Inc. is a Pending registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The group receives funding through fundraising events, including the New York Buddy Walk, and private donations. EIN:83-3836519      

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